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Change History

Date Changes
Week of September 4
  • Added and reorganized the "general" links and training links pages
  • Added the SEI Links page
  • General call for assistance on the Leadership Council
  • Reorganized the "What's New" page
  • Added Membership Questionnaire - If you're not currently a member, please fill it out and join us.
Week of October 30
  • Added more "general" links
  • Due to changes within the council, the council contacts have changed
  • Meeting notices are up-to-date through the end of the year
  • Cleaned up outdated information
Week of December 25
  • General end of year clean-up
  • NOTE: our January 11, IEEE sponsored ***Lunch Meeting***
Week of January 15
  • Added more "general" links
  • Added 1/11 presentation material from Dan Ehmann. The presentation was in a workshop format and went over very well - Thanks Dan!
  • General end of year clean-up
  • Take a look at the training opportunities!
February 19 - March 2
  • Broke out the conference & events page from the training section. Check out the events!
  • Reorganized most of the "links" pages
  • Cleaned up outdated information
April 1
  • We are in the process of change e-mail list hosts, from NCSU to Yahoo Groups. This will cause changes on the web site and in meeting notifications, so please be aware.
  • Update for April 26 meeting on Pair-Programming

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