RTP - Software Process Improvement Network

Speaker Guidelines


  1. RTP SPIN looks for relevant topics facing software groups who want to improve their processes. The topic must be timely, and issue of concern to our membership.  Relevance to recent advances/changes in this field are particularly welcome.
  2. Preference is always given to speakers who present information pertaining to actual experiences in the field as opposed to purely theoretical presentations.
  3. Our membership attend hoping to learn how they can enhance their own results. We request proven, practical detail in your presentation.
  4. The presentation should be based on the presenter's personal experience.
  5. If you are a vendor or a consultant, remember that the most effective presentations are those where you explain your area of expertise and show how to be effective. Please do not use your time at RTP SPIN as a sales pitch.


  1. 60 days in advance of meeting: deliver 2 paragraph abstract, one paragraph bio to the SPIN Meeting Operations Chair.
  2. Within one week of meeting date: If desired, email copy of paper or overheads to the SPIN Publicity Chair so that it is downloadable from the SPIN web page.
  3. At the meeting: Speaker provides one copy of overheads to SPIN Meeting Operations Chair for our library.
  4. Optional but highly recommended: bring 30-40 copies of overheads to SPIN meeting.

Panel Discussions / Roundtables

If you are interested in creating a panel, please write an abstract, recommend the moderator and suggest at least one panelist. We can work with you to find additional panelists.

If you have an idea for a roundtable discussion, again write an abstract of the discussion and we will help you flesh it out.

In both cases, contact the SPIN Meeting Operations Chair.

(Last update: 09/04/00 )