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Membership Registration

During the months of April & May 2001, we will be switching our mailing list host to Yahoo Groups. We will be moving folks from the NCSU list to the new one. If you experience any problems please send e-mail to the list owner or SPIN council.

Our primary membership coordination method is a mailing list hosted by Yahoo Groups -


Company Liaison

This is a new and evolving effort. As we envision it,  company liaisons will be selected on purely a volunteer basis. The role of the company liaison will be to: It is perfectly acceptable to have multiple liaison's from a single company. You can volunteer as a public or private company liaison. Public liaison's will be listed by email and company on this page. To volunteer as either a public or private company liaison please click volunteer as liaison
Company Liaison Email
Acterna - David Austin david.austin@acterna.com
Alcatel USA - Dan Ehmann dehmann@bellsouth.net
Avesair - Pat Kotula pkotula@avesair.com
Ericsson - Jim Conrad eusjcon@am1.ericsson.se
Network Appliance - Rita Shope rita.shope@netapp.com
SAS - Sue Carroll ***
Tekelec - Kenneth Prude kenneth.prude@tekelec.com
'***' indicates company liaison is private and e-mail is available to SPIN Leadership Council only.


Leadership Council

As described in the organization's charter the following individuals serve on the current Leadership Council.
Company Individual Email Role
ABB Dennis Brantly dennis.brantly@us.abb.com Open
Alcatel Bob Coyle bob.coyle@usa.alcatel.com Open
Canopy Systems Scott Westphall scott.westfall@canopysystems.com Member, Operations
Brown Computer Chris Brown cjbrown@browncomputer.com Open
Ericsson James Conrad james.conrad@.ericsson.com Chair, Meeting Operations
Hill-Rom Tom Rooker tom.rooker@hill-rom.com Member, Publicity 
IBM Victoria Thio thio@us.ibm.com Chair, Leadership Council
Koz Tatia Jefferson tjeffer2@bellsouth.net Open
Lucent Nelson Deutschen deutschen@lucent.com Member, Operations
Lucent Bob Galen galenr@acm.org Chair, Publicity
Project Experts Jerry Helms jerryh@eprojectexperts.com Member, Operations
RH Donnelly Ben Hoyle ben.hoyle@rhd.com Chair, Membership


Yahoo Groups Mailing Lists - Web Access

If you would like to specify an alternate email address - so that you can post messages from a variety of e-mail accounts:

  1. visit http://groups.yahoo.com/myprefs?edit=2
  2. type your alternate email address in the area labeled "Alternate posting addresses".
  3. click the "Save Changes" button
  4. wait approximately 10 minutes for the change to take effect

After you follow these steps, you will be able to send messages to all your groups using this alternate email address. 

For general help, please email support@yahoogroups.com or visit http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/groups/

(Last update: 05/09/01 )