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Welcome to the Research Triangle Park Software Improvement Process Network, RTP-Spin. This is the initial publication of the RTP-Spin home page. The purpose of this home page is to serve as a regional clearinghouse of information related to software engineering and the software development process.

Special Thanks

The RTP-Spin thanks North Carolina State University, Dr. Mladen A. Vouk, and his students for sponsoring our organization with a hosting site.


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Originally the organization was formed as the North Carolina Quality Assurance Discussion Group, NCQADG. The NCQADG had the same purpose as the current organization. With the advent of the national effort to improve software and its development process the Software Engineering Institute, SEI was commissioned by Congress. Eventually a loose network of organizations was formed under the National SPIN . The advantage of affiliation with a national network having the same purpose was readily recognized. In 1994 the national affiliation was made. RTP-Spin also affiliates with other regional organizations having similar interest in software engineering.


RTP-Spin organization structure is described in the RTP-Spin Charter. Primary activities of the RTP-Spin include general meetings, steering committees, and information transfer .

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