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SPIN Meeting Information

 April 26, 2001

Presenter's Biography:

Laurie Williams is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. Her office is located on the NCSU Centennial Campus.
She is also affiliated with the NCSU Electronic Commerce Program. Her current research interests include collaborative/pair programming, software development processes (particularly of eCommerce applications), and software test.

Laurie received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah, her MBA from Duke University, and her BS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University. She worked for IBM for nine years in Raleigh, NC before returning to academia. more information...

Presentation Summary:

When pair-programming, two programmers work collaboratively on the same algorithm, design or programming task, sitting side by side at one computer. This practice has been surfaced several times in the last decades as an improved way of developing software. However, convention speaks against having two people work together to develop code -- having "two do the work of one."
This talk with provide findings to counter to this conventional wisdom and to show that quite often pair programming is the way to go for improved quality and cycle time.

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